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Dwi Surachman


Information System Inventory is a system used for data collection of inventory and providing information about the use, income, and use of goods in an agency. At this time at PT. EP Pertamina 1 Field Jambi assets in the information system processing inventory data is still relatively simple, data collection of goods inventory data is done manually by writing / recording on the book agenda and partially entering data using Microsoft Office applications. To help this activity needs to be made or designed a program or system that can be used together, more detailed, can be updated anywhere and can run on all computers installed browsing software. The required data consists of inventory items, goods users, suppliers, and location of goods placement. From the input obtained, it will be obtained for the data collection process, checking the goods and categories of goods and making reports. The results obtained from the process are reports of stock items, reports of outgoing items, reports of feasible and unfit for use, reports on goods categories. This Inventory of Goods Information Systems was built web-based using technology with PHP language scripts, MySQL databases, and Dreamwork. With the implementation of this web-based Inventory Information System in the Public Service Division of PT. Pertamina Pertamina Field 1 EP assets are possible for the company, and also help administrative data staff in delivering inventory data offline and online goods because data is presented quickly.

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