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Rio Andi Saputra
Novhirtamely Kahar


Digital Printing is a printing technique from images and digital based text, from the file can then directly print with various media in an instant and fast way. Digital printing is an innovation from the development of conventional printing methods to digital. Dolphin printing is a business that is engaged in printing or advertising. Printing business opportunities are promising, many businesses are turning to this business world. This certainly leads to increasingly fierce business competition. Increasingly intense competition encourages creative people to read business opportunities to offer advantages that other printing companies do not have. This includes offering attractive, creative and innovative designs. This situation was also felt by one of the Dolphin printing companies in Jambi. In this printing press, problems that often arise due to promotion and information that still use brochures and booking invitations are still manual, as we come to the store, fill out the invitation data, so I create a web profile to make it easier for people to come to the location. The disadvantage is printing difficulties in delivering information about products that are marketed, such as basically disseminating information is less accurate to consumers.

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