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Kindergarten Khalifah carrying the concept of monotheism and entrepreneurship, tauhid that means believing, confessing, that God is the only one is Allah SWT.And entrepreneurship is the entrepreneurial spirit, integrated between the afterlife and the world. In the Khalifah Kindergarten Two, Jambi data processing Adminstrasi students have not been computerized properly, there are still many obstacles that are often faced by the board of teachers and school operators, especially in the Processing of Administrative Data Students. In processing the data in TK Khalifah Dua Jambi, it is still manual, so it is very ineffective and inefficient because the process of filling report cards and other books and administrations is slow and takes a long time. In building the TK Student Administration Data Processing Application Khalifah Dua Jambi uses the PHP and MySQL programming languages ​​as the database. Inputting data in the form of Teacher Data,Class, Kober B, Group A, Group B, Parent Book. In addition to inputting data data in this application there are also processes, namely anthropometric calculations, payments, report cards. The output is in the form of Student Semester Learning Outcomes, Annual Student Master Data Reports, Payment Slip. It is expected that with the Administration Data Processing Application, data processing can be done quickly, accurately and efficiently.

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