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Yoki Pirnanda
Novhirtamely Kahar


PDAM or Regional Water Supply Company is one of the regional-owned business units, which is engaged in the distribution of clean water for the general public. The purpose of this Web-based Goods Request Application in PDAM Tirta Mayang, Jambi City is to be able to make it easier for employees from each part or department to carry out the request, procurement and report on goods realization. Data input of goods, type of goods, department, demand, procurement and realization is needed. The process that is produced is processing the demand for goods, the procurement of goods and the realization of goods that produce output in the form of reports of goods, demand for goods, procurement of goods and realization of goods. From the results of the implementation, it can be concluded that through this application it has helped simplify the management of demand data, procurement and goods realization reports in real time, and makes it easier to search again the Request, procurement and goods realization reports if needed. Making this application using the PHP and MySQL programming languages, and the results are expected to be able to facilitate the data processing process at PDAM Tirta Mayang Jambi City.

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