SISTEM PAKAR DIAGNOSA PENYAKIT KULIT MENGGUNAKAN FORWARD CHAINING Skin Disease, Classification, Binary Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine

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The skin is an organ in the human body is very important because it lies on the outside of the body that serves to receive stimuli such as touch, pain and other influences from the outside. Skin disease is one of the most common diseases in tropical countries such as Indonesia. The lack of knowledge about the type of skin disease and do not know how  to prevent it cause a person can get acute skin  disease. So with the help of computer technology is expected to attack the skin of the human body can be detected early and it can minimize the occurrence of more dangerous diseases. This researchaims to determine the classification of skin diseases in humans using the method of Binary Decision Tree Support Vector Machine  (BDTSVM) Based  on  the  test  results  obtained  the  best  accuracy  of  97.14%  with  SVM parameter test that is the value of λ (lambda) = 0,5, C (complexity) = 1, constant γ (gamma) = 0,01, and itermax = 10.

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